Doctor of Philosophy (English Language)

Doctor of Philosophy (English Language)

About the Programme

Candidates for the Ph.D. Programme may specialize in any of the following general areas.

  • English Language
  • Literature-in-English (drawn from any of the major genres)

The Full-Time Programme would run for a minimum of six semesters, and a maximum of eight semesters,


The Part-Time Ph.D. Programme would run for eight semesters and a maximum of ten semesters.

To graduate, all Ph.D. candidates must take and pass all the requisite courses as prescribed in the Ph.D. course list below totaling 27 units as follows:

Core Courses 18 units                     

Thesis             9 units

Total                27 units


Every Ph.D. candidate must submit a Dissertation on a chosen and approved topic, supervised by a member of staff whose qualification is not below the Ph.D and who is not lower than Senior Lecturer in rank.


The Ph.D. thesis must be defended before an external examiner duly nominated for that purpose and appointed by Senate.


The Ph.D. Programmes in English Language and Literature is domiciled in the Department of English and Literary Studies,Faculty of Arts.


In the Ph.D. programmes, the assessment of students’ achievements would be based on:

  • Terminal examinations administered at the end of the course;
  • Term papers, Seminar papers,
  • Field Research/Reports, Group projects, etc.



All continuous assessment scores shall constitute between 30 – 40% of the total scores for a course, while the formal examination shall constitute 60-70% of the total scores for a course.



For the Ph.D. programmes, there are duly appointed external examiners who assess and certify the overall performance of the students in their dissertations and thesis and any other aspects of the evaluation process that may from time to time be approved by Senate. 



(a)          In addition to continuous Assessment, final examinations shall be given at the end of a course.  The total scores for Continuous Assessment shall not be less than 30%, and not be more than 40% of total scores for a course.

(b)          PASS MARK

The minimum pass mark for Ph.D. courses shall be 50%.   





Duration:- 3 Years

Category:- Postgraduate

Programme Type:- PhD

Faculty:- Arts