Master of Arts Degree Literature-in-English

Master of Arts Degree Literature-in-English

Philosophy of the Programme

The philosophy of the M.A. and Ph.D. programme is to train and develop scholars whose critical inquiries into the use of the English Language as a medium of communication in L2 situations in both regular communication and creative writing would reassert human values, and appreciate the complexity of human motivation and actions.  This is against the background of societies (such as those in Africa) where anarchy and chaos threaten the existence of society, and where, as a panacea, writers respond to these in various writings that become the subject of serious study beyond the undergraduate content.  The products of these programmes are, therefore, expected to acquire linguistic and critical analytic competences that would enable them exhibit a higher proficiency in the use of the English Language on a variety of discourse situations, as well as interpret literary works in the English Language.

Duration:- 2 Years

Category:- Postgraduate

Programme Type:- Masters

Faculty:- Arts